Thursday, February 26, 2015

Northwest Community Church Hunts Monsters

Spent the weekend with Northwest Community Church Youth Group speaking at their Winter Camp retreat.  The topic was Jesus Christ Monster Hunter.

What can I say about it?



That's the best way I can think of to explain it.  I have worked with a lot of churchy people, but this group... man.  They really know what it means to lay it all down and pick up whatever Jesus offers.  We laughed, we shared, we cried, we hurt, we healed, we offered up the deep dark fears and monsters of our lives and vowed before God to help each other smack 'em down.  Even me.  That's right.  They even pulled me into it.

Our Saturday Night Smash circle-n-prayer time went over three hours.  We smashed the heck out of some Monster cans, lifted each other up in prayer and praise, lived out loud, laughed out loud, sang and sobbed.  If you've never let God work you over like that, it's a rush.  Seek it out.  We were a family engaged in what God wants families to do - help each other out.

HUGE kudos to the Michael Moody, Erin and Elisa Peabody and all the other leaders who helped make this thing go.  There was a lot of faith and many years behind it.

HUGER kudos to the kids who bared their souls, lifted their hands and wore their hearts on their sleeves to get past the lies the world is selling - that we're alone and unloved and helpless.  We hunted some monsters that night, that's for darn sure.  Jesus Christ... thank you.  Couldn't have done it without you.

Remember, folks, as you set out from this day - build a monster hunting team.  Share your life with others, build each other up, watch each other's backs.  And above all, know your Savior, the Master Hunter.  Do you want the Chuck Norris Jesus or the Stevie Wonder Jesus?  Know him, follow him, sell out to him. 

Those monsters will never stand a chance again.

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