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While Chris Weedin has many passions in his life, none is greater than his passion for serving and following Jesus Christ. Speaking to others about Jesus is not only something Chris loves to do, but is something he feels directly called to. Chris's humor and use of props and multimedia make anything he speaks about tangible and relate-able to his audience. However, it is his passion for the subject, his passion for Jesus, that make his messages ones that should not be missed. 

Founder of the outreach ministry Crucifiction Games, Chris has been sharing his hard-hitting, timely and entertaining messages with audiences for over ten years. A former associate pastor and director of youth ministries, he brings a wealth of humor, spiritual insight and audience engagement to every presentation. Leveraging his love of games, movies, superheroes and other pop culture icons, Chris quickly builds common ground to communicate solid Biblical truth in an approachable way. Author of many books and a popular speaker at summer camps, conventions, retreats, youth groups and churches, Weedin provides lively and insightful instruction for this generation.

What People Are Saying About Chris Weedin

"Chris Weedin is a gifted speaker who has inspired, challenged and encouraged many at Camas Meadows Bible Camp.  He has the unique ability to connect with any age or background and get them to engage with the deep questions of life and faith. Chris shares the timeless message ofGod's love in new ways that impact lives here on earth and for eternity. " 
     --Daryl Wilks, Director, Camas Meadows Bible Camp
"I have been hiring speakers for a number of years, but I don't know if I have ever come across someone who has such a God-given talent of connecting with young people as Chris does. He was unbelievably engaging in the way he presented his talks to the students, and was able to communicate deep spiritual truths. I give Chris my highest recommendation as a camp/event speaker. You will be hard-pressed to find someone who is a more natural fit."
     --Joel Whitehead Asst. Executive Director @ Ghormley Meadow Christian Camp

Speaking Series by Chris Weedin

The POWER of GOD.  We talk about it.  We read about it.  We listen to stories of it.  But we rarely live it.  The truth is, God wants us to do just that - wake up every day filled with His power and spoiling to turn it loose on a hurting world.  The only thing standing in our way is US.  This five part series explores the power of God, practical ways we can tap into it and the astounding, incredible, heart-stopping things we can accomplish once we have.  Be transformed.  Experience the Atomic God Bomb.

There are monsters among us. They wreak havoc in our lives, causing turmoil and life shaking struggles. These monsters do not only lurk in the shadows, but show themselves in the plainness of day wanting only to seek and destroy the goodness in our lives.

In this series, Chris Weedin introduces us to the big baddies we fight in our everyday lives, not only shining a light and showing them for what they are, but teaching us to find the tools we need to fight them. Weedin introduces us to our biggest weapon, the greatest monster hunter to ever exist, Jesus Christ: Monster Hunter.

The world has a misconception about all things broken: sure, they don’t work like they did before—but that, fortunately, is where Jesus comes in. In this series, Chris shows us the major broken things in our world and how Jesus can take those things and turn them into something beautiful.

There are a lot of things that are broken, that have broken and that will be broken—but they don’t have to stay that way.

*Other topics and custom messages available on request.

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