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"Next to writing, traveling and speaking are my passion - especially when schools are involved! I love the energy, creativity and enthusiasm of young people and educators and have worked and taught in various school settings myself. Sharing my stories and writing experiences with students and faculty gives me the chance to continue contributing to the educational process. My goal is to entertain, engage and inspire kids not just to write, but to take life head-on, to build self-confidence and to develop lives of purpose and direction. My school visits focus on comedy, high energy and a personal approach that, along with audience participation and the ample use of props, is designed not only to entertain but also to deliver a message. Stories are most effective when used to teach, and I make it my business to do just that."

Assemblies and Workshops for All Ages

The following presentations are available as part of an author visit. Any size group is welcome, from a single classroom to all-school assemblies. Some or all may be scheduled, depending on the duration of the engagement and the school environment. When booked for the day, Chris Weedin will deliver an unlimited number of sessions of your choice of size and type, including multiple locations and schools. All can be customized for time and content as desired. In addition, the author may be approached to create custom, school-specific presentations on a variety of topics - please inquire if interested. References are available upon request.

Write Makes Might

Grade Level: 3-5

Approximate Time: 1 Hour 15 min

Designed for elementary age children in an assembly format, the main goal of "Write Makes Might" is to inspire. Kids will leave the assembly with a craving to write... to create... to dig up an idea and give it life, to take it wherever it leads and most of all to enjoy the process. Weedin puts his audience off guard with some fun and games and then plants the spark - "Hey, writing could be fun!" This presentation is packed with audience participation, hands-on interest-building activities and a high level of energy. Weedin also addresses some of his fundamental philosophies of writing: outlines, word choice, the "3 draft" method of creating a story (Plow, Plant and Prune), effective character building and more. At the conclusion, students will join together to build a community story with Weedin's guidance, leaving them at an ideal starting point for applying what they have learned either in a classroom or individual setting.

"Chris Weedin inspired Summitview Elementary students to write creatively and write well. Student volunteers shared in the spotlight as they acted out a scene from Chris' book, demonstrating the importance of details in describing characters and settings. Masterfully woven into a fabric of fun and games, Chris conveyed a plethora of fundamental philosophies of writing and character development. Students left the assembly eager "to write... to create... to dig up an idea and give it life." Chris' performance earned rave reviews from both students and teachers, who are already demanding an encore appearance in the form of classroom writing workshops." 
     -- Crystal McDonald, Principal Summitview Elementary

"Thank you for helping make writing come alive to our kids yesterday! You have a wonderful way with kids. They were all engaged and excited. I hope we get a chance to work with you again..."
     -- Lisa Bradford, Teacher

Bite Me Once, Shame on You

Grade Level: 6-12

Approximate Time: 1 Hour

Explore the world of vampires, roleplaying and alternative reading activities in this immersive and engaging presentation. Chris Weedin introduces participants to his adventure-horror-comedy novel Midnight Snack and the game that gave it life, Horror Rules, the Simply Horrible Roleplaying Game. The first book in a series for young adults and up, Midnight Snack is a tongue-in-cheek send-up of the B-movie horror genre, pitting a cast of mini-mart employees and customers against a sinister vampiress. The book, as well as the presentation, explores and pokes fun at themes of pop culture, good vs. evil, creative problem solving, personal relationships and the "vampire phenomena" sweeping the country. It also introduces participants to the world of roleplaying games on which the novel is based. Attendees will have a chance to experience this immersive and reading-rich activity firsthand with a demo of Horror Rules the Simply Horrible Roleplaying Game. The author will also discuss his creative process, the origins of the novel and its desired impact on readers of all levels. There will be no biting.

"Chris Weedin presented his amazing wit, talent, skills and charm to 300 excited students. Weedin is an instant friend to his audience as he involves them in the life and times of vampires, the writing process and working towards a goal. His lively, interactive, visually appealing and all around fun presentation was a hit and the after effects include a very long list of kids that can't wait to read the Graveyard Shift Series, Book One - Midnight Snack!"
     -- Audeen Smart, Librarian

"Chris Weedin brings 'vampire feng shui' to his alliance of horror and comedy. Weedin's books and classroom presentations offer delight to students and educators as he describes the world of writing, reading and modern day fictional vampire warfare." 
     -- Chandra Harpel, West Valley Middle School

Writer's Workshops

Grade Level: 3-5

Approximate Time: 1 hour

The purpose of this small group workshop is to provide hands-on experience for students as a followup to the "Write Makes Might" assembly. Participants will engage in various interactive activities with the author in order to further explore and develop the topics and skills presented during the assembly. The workshop is also custom designed to compliment and reinforce the teacher's curriculum and teaching methods. Additional preparation is required. Please inquire for details.

If you are interested in having Chris Weedin speak or present at your school, please email

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