Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Write Makes Might Promo Video

It's here, it's here!  The OFFICIAL "Write Makes Might" Promo video!  HUGE thanks to Rob Culp over at Little Fish Productions.  He's a master storyteller and really a big bag of fun to work with.  Great guy.

Also big thanks to principal Tavis Peterson and the students and staff at Adams Elementary of Wapato and Camas Elementary of Wapato.  Your dedication to writing and letting me run around and throw stuff at you was, frankly, inspiring.

Please feel free to spread this around to any educators, para-educators or would-be educators you know.  I love to do the assemblies and they're really a big boost to writing programs (not to mention more fun than Cheese Zombie Day in the cafeteria).  Check out the School Visits Page for more details, if you want 'em.

Say it with me now... Write Makes Might!!