Friday, August 29, 2014

Carson Dudley Lives


I get goosebumps looking at these pictures.

We did phase one of the promo video last night at the infamous Topp Stop Mini-Mart in Toppenish, WA (HUGE thanks to owner Farren Young - you rock, dog... and I hope I know you well enough to call you "dog").  The equally infamous David Goehner, my ace marketing and PR dude, manned the cam and directed.

There were two hits to the night:  first was Tim Lantrip, pictured here, who showed up dressed as Carson Dudley!!!  Whoa.  Swank.  Can you say BOOYAH!! (to quote the man himself).

Equally compelling and filling my head with FABULOUS new plot directions was Steve Schnellman, who drove up in his absolutely boss monster hunting ride!  This black beauty is the bomb... complete with baseball bat, hemi and sunroof for "flailing at bad guys"!!!!  I want this man to adopt me and take me on the road with him to beat down monsters.  Seriously.

THEN... Steve off-handedly drops the remark "Heh heh... like Carson and his Grandpappy".

THEN... It hit me like a shotgun blast does a zombie (I don't know that that's true, but it sounds compelling)!  Carson's "Grandpappy?"  He's got a Granny... what ever happened to...

THEN... I told myself "Enough!!  Don't spoil it for the readers!"  Suffice it to say, there's a strong possibility you'll be hearing the words "black hemi monster hunting car" and "Grandpa Dudley" again soon before the series is over.  Odin's Beard!!

Huge thanks again to Farren and Topp Stop (and the wonderfully accomodating REAL clerks!) and Tim and Steve and Charter and Cole and everyone who turned out to help.  Batter up... WAY up!!

Better stop now.  I think I'm getting a little teary.

p..s Stay tuned for the pre-release preview of the Kickstarter "Parts:  Graveyard Shift, the Adventures of Carson Dudley Book 3" campaign due out September 15th!

p.s.s. Here's a snippet of teaser for MORE Carson Dudley action!!  Stay tuned for more...

Friday, August 22, 2014

Be In the Kickstarter Video!

So as most of you know... we're launching a big Kickstarter campaign in October for "Parts", Book 3 in my "Graveyard Shift: the Adventures of Carson Dudley" series.
As part of that, wer're videotaping the promo spot next week... and we want YOU to be in it!  
Double huzzah!
So mark your calendars, c'mon down and join the fun... everyone is invited to the videotaping.  We'll be at the Topp Stop mini-mart (321 South Elm Street, Toppenish, WA) starting at 6pm on Thursday, 8/28.  Be an extra or just come to watch and eat a corn dog. 
Whatever! Anyone dressed as a Graveyard Shift character or in zombie/vampire/any-other-monster costume is guaranteed to be in the video and get prime featuring. If you're attacked and carried off by anything, during the filming, we're not responsible.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hastings Bookstore Loves Vampires... and Zombies...

Had a great time at Hastings Bookstore in Tri-Cities, WA this weekend past!  Met some great people, like Chris, Tim and Denise and the staff was tops - HUGE thanks to Sadie, Sarah and especially Angela... er... "Angelica" ;).  If you get the chance, stop by.  Their store is jack full of geeky, nerdy goodness.  Superheroes, movies, music, books, zombie paraphernalia (I love that word), bacon paraphernalia (good enough to use it twice) and more.  Big thanks to fellow author Linda Estela for getting me hooked up with them and to my fam for the company and enthusiasm.  :)  Thanks guys!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Win A FREE BOOK! Graveyard Shift "Spread the Word" Promo

Parts:  Graveyard Shift Book 3In preparation for the Kickstarter launch of my new book, I'm asking for your help.  In exchange, I'm offering you the one thing everybody loves:


Book three in the Graveyard Shift series, “Parts”, launches on Kickstarter on October 17th.
Mention any of my books in a blog post, Facebook or Twitter and get entered in a drawing for a free autographed Chris Weedin book!  If you already have 'em all, don't worry – I'll make it worth your while.  Promise!  (Oh yeah... PROMISE!)

What should you post? It doesn't matter... just be creative! It can be a review, favorite line from the series, funny (or not) comment, pithy (or not) observation or just something strange you come up with on your own. If you haven't read the books, no problem! I don't care!  This could be your chance to get started on a 5-star reviewed supernatural-adventure-comedy series.  Just like you've always wanted!  :)


Just make sure you get the proper recognition by following these tips for each type of social media:

Facebook: Tag me (Chris Weedin)
Twitter: Include hashtag #ChrisWeedinPromo
Blog Post: Email me a link

*ALL: Include a link to my author page on (see link below)

I'll do a drawing of all entries that meet the above criteria and you'll get your freebie... signed to boot. Contest ends 8/31. One entry per person.

Go get 'em, Graveyard Shifters!