Friday, August 22, 2014

Be In the Kickstarter Video!

So as most of you know... we're launching a big Kickstarter campaign in October for "Parts", Book 3 in my "Graveyard Shift: the Adventures of Carson Dudley" series.
As part of that, wer're videotaping the promo spot next week... and we want YOU to be in it!  
Double huzzah!
So mark your calendars, c'mon down and join the fun... everyone is invited to the videotaping.  We'll be at the Topp Stop mini-mart (321 South Elm Street, Toppenish, WA) starting at 6pm on Thursday, 8/28.  Be an extra or just come to watch and eat a corn dog. 
Whatever! Anyone dressed as a Graveyard Shift character or in zombie/vampire/any-other-monster costume is guaranteed to be in the video and get prime featuring. If you're attacked and carried off by anything, during the filming, we're not responsible.

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