Thursday, December 18, 2014

Keynoting at Wapato School District's Dinner and a Book

Thank You Wapato SD!

Huge thanks to the folks at Wapato School District in Central Washington for having me speak at their first Dinner and a Book family event!  It was a great dinner, great audience and great show.  Some fabulous young readers helped out and shared their amazing reading adventures afterward.  I ran through a small portion of the usual high-energy school assembly "Write Makes Might" and got to wear the Arnold Schwarzenneger barbarian wig, which is one of my personal favorites (see picture below).

If you're wondering what I look like with hair, this is it.  Well, at least if you're wondering what I look like with really long black nasty hair.  I do a bit about "the Word Warrior" and the power of words with an Arnold Schwarzenneger accent, just in case you're wondering.  I usually talk like that for about 3 days afterwards.  It's addicting.  So is wearing the full armor:

Giant thanks to all the kids of Wapato School District and to Mike Balmelli for getting me involved.  Go Wapato!

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