Monday, April 20, 2015

Summitview Elementary - Write Makes Might!

Huge thanks to the students and staff at Summitview Elementary in Yakima, Washington for hosting my Write Makes Might! assembly last Friday!  It was awesome!

This event marked the debut of two new characters, the brash, bold and dedicated word guy Sgt. Vocab and everybody's favorite crazy scientiest Professor Pondorium.  Both were a big hit, thanks to the kids and their boundless, incredible enthusiasm.

My favorite part was when Sgt. Vocab's mustache fell off.  He quickly explained it was due to an "unfortunate mustache-related injury back in the war" and tossed it out into the crowd as a souvenir.  Some lucky parents who watched that one come home!  It also led to a rare mustache-handing-out-ceremony after the assembly.  A group of kids rushed up for autographs and when the paper ran out, I just handed out mustaches.  That was a first, I guarantee.  But knowing Write Makes Might, probably not a last.

The kid story we all wrote together was another great one, "The Adventures of Monkey Man and Banana Boy".  Anyone from Summitview who didn't get a copy can just contact me and I'll email you one.

Tons of thanks to teachers and kids once again.  You guys are the reason I do this.  Amazing words, great participation, incredible ideas and another unforgettable experience.

Go write!

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