Friday, October 17, 2014

Book 3 "Parts" Now Available on Kickstarter!

It's official - the "Parts" Kickstarter has launched!  Get on board NOW for below-retail prices, autographed copies, cool series-related merchandise, opportunities to get your ideas into the story and a chance to be in the book!

But hurry - campaign ends Nov 16th!  Early adopter specials are going fast...



Here's a couple funnies for y'all while the Kickstarter cruises along.  The first is a fan interview with Steve, who's tricked out this amazing black hemi as his official monster busting ride.  The second is the official Parts promo video outtakes real.  If you want to laugh AT me and not WITH me, check it out. 

Steve's Monster Hunting Car Interview

Parts Outtakes - the Funny Kind

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  1. Wow! 24 minutes and someone already grabbed the lead role in the book! Only a couple roles left! HUGE thanks to backer Jamie L.!