Monday, October 13, 2014

"Parts" (Graveyard Shift Book 3) Cover Reveal!

It's here!

Feast your eyes on the uber cool, retro Hollywood, campy 1950's B-movie classic horror flick book cover for "Parts:  Graveyard Shift, the Adventures of Carson Dudley Book 3"!

Big props, kudos and mighty grats to longtime artist and friend Chris Caprile for his tireless work, vision and stamina in putting up with my frequent suggestions and nit-pickings.  He does a fabulous job and, as usual, really captured exactly what was in my brain.  Which, all by itself, is a pretty scary thought.  Thanks, brother!

The book will have this same old-school, mad science, creepy feeling, like those cliffhanger horror movies of the 1950's.  Hey, it's even in black and white!  So soak up the nostalgic monster fever of this classic cover and get ready for the Kickstarter release of "Parts" this Friday, October 17th!

Just for fun, I also included some of the earlier prototypes and drafts of various versions of the cover so you can see the evolution of the art... including my initial high quality pencil sketch on a memo pad in the Starbucks where we were meeting.  Totally classy.  So take a walk down the page and see how all the wonder and creation happens.  Challenge yourself to see if you can pick out the subtle (and not-so-subtle) changes between each of the versions.

And in the meantime, hug a mad scientist.  They're people too.

My original sketch on hotel memo pad.  Looking at this now, I'm not sure why I even pay Caprile.  I R GUD DRAWR!

An early pencil sketch by Chris.  Caprile, that is.

An approved and nearly finalized sketch with the ink wash added.

Almost finished!  Full color and book title info added, but still a few tweaks to go.  See if you can spot 'em below...

Tada!!! The final (or at least really really close) cover!

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