Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Inklings Author Fair

Now this is the stuff I absolutely LOVE!!  Getting up close and personal with the most important part of any author's life:  the READERS!  Check out some of the fun at the Inklings Author Fair in Yakima, WA.  This group ROCKED!

Here's me just chillin' with the bat before the action starts.  Little did I suspect the amazing day I was about to have.  It's just like Carson's days before all the madness, chaos and scary violence!  Without, of course, the scary violence.  Otherwise it was totally like one of his days.

The AMAZING Carson Dudley work ID tag shirt with hand drawn pic of the Parts promo cover, courtesy of James Dart and daughter Jessica.

This is Adam.  I HOPE he's a vampire.  Oh, sure, he's holding that cross, but you know, to my credit, I can't really SEE it from where I'm standing.

Meet Mrs. O.!  I like to say it "Mrs. OH!!"  She's a 5th grade teacher from the Wenatchee area and she's READY TO ROCK!  All I can say is, your class is pretty lucky.  AND safe!  :)

Hmm... I don't like the way Abigail is looking at me.  I'm hoping we're teaming up against the forces of darkness, but judging from the way she's eying my bald head with that bat I'm not entirely convinced we're on the same side.  Oh well.  You want your partners to be cautious, right?

Ryan is amazing... great taste in authors ;) and an aspiring artist!  Check out his rendition of the Chris Caprile cover.  Watch out, Cap!  You've got competition...

Gotta love these socks on T.J.'s little guy.  They're the OFFICIAL Frankenstein's monster socks, in honor of the upcoming book 3 "Parts" for the Graveyard Shift Series, in which mad science runs amok.  Or, maybe, he just likes 'em.  You be the judge!

Last but definitely NOT least... look out Buffy, here comes "Jade the Vampire Slayer"!  Whoa.  This chick knows her vampire hunting.  I feel safer already.  :)  Go Jade!!  I'm right behind you!!

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