Friday, September 12, 2014

"Parts" 24/7 Slogan Contest Winner!

HUGE thanks to everyone who submitted slogans for this contest!  We had 18 creative, insightful, crazy, hilarious, brutal and often delightfully ludicrous slogans to pick from, and brother it was tough - they were all fabulous.  But the Parts Kickstarter Planning Team got down to it last night and picked a winner... hey, we had to, we can't use 'em all!

Drum roll please...


James is the proud winner of the 24/7 Slogan Contest for Parts, Book 3 in the Graveyard Shift, the Adventures of Carson Dudley series!!  Here's the winning slogan:

"Fast service for those on the run!"

His tongue-in-cheek slogan will earn him a special place in the book's acknowledgements and will be slathered across all the 24/7 products soon to be featured in the Kickstarter Launch of Parts (October 17th, 2014), all available as backer reward!  The slogan will also see some play in the novel itself, as part of a minor plot line, and will most likely drop off the lips of Carson and some of the other characters.  Way to go, James!

If you didn't win it, don't fret... not only will there be MORE contests and creative opportunities to get involved with Parts, but some of the slogans were so good, they just might be cropping up in the book anyway.

I DO love to BITE into a good slogan...

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